Hotel Carmel Santa MonicaArt has been a tool in bringing cultures together, documenting the past, and expressing the lifestyles of different areas of the world since man learned how to make marks on surfaces. Long before there was television or radio, people were able to say far more than a thousand words through the expression of art. When you stay at Hotel Carmel Santa Monica, there are several galleries, museums, and artistic experiences right outside your doorstep. Stay at one of the best hotels in Santa Monica and discover the art of our beautiful, coastal California home.

Gallery Espy At Its Finest

When you stay with us at Hotel Carmel, you will find several intriguing places that will surely capture your artistic eye and spark a bit of Santa Monica inspiration. With a long list of galleries and museums, you will be able to see a wide variety of work. From intricate sculptures to paintings that capture life on Santa Monica Beach, each gallery and Santa Monica art museum displays something different. You can find a myriad of contemporary art at Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, and 18th Street Arts Center. For a collection of everything from pop art to renaissance, you can discover movements from many walks at Bergamot Station. You can even test your own artistic skills at establishments such as Paint Lab where you can take a class and create a fantastic painting of your very own.

Incredible Street Art And Where To Find It

Hotel Carmel Santa MonicaIf you are looking for a unique adventure through the city during your stay at Hotel Carmel Santa Monica, take a walk and discover the street art that brings color to our community. You can often find local artists actively performing their skills along the streets and throughout popular venues like the Santa Monica Pier. Whether you are enjoying murals adorning city walls or the single artist on the beach painting the sunset over the ocean, there is plenty to enjoy. Just take a step outside Hotel Carmel and take a short walk down the block to the Third Street Promenade Santa Monica and you can find a bit of fantastic art that you can take home with you to remember our beautiful home and support the local arts.

A Tasteful Stay To Match

For those with an eye for art, not many hotels near Santa Monica Pier capture the essence of the area. At Hotel Carmel Santa Monica, you will find yourself in elegant accommodations and be inspired the minute you walk into the lobby. Unique designs will draw you in and encourage your creativeness. Discover the art of Santa Monica and Santa Monica Pier when you stay at Hotel Carmel. Are you ready to be inspired?