The California lifestyle is often referred to as living in the fast lane, with long-haired surfers, and celebrities on every block. However, here at Hotel Carmel, we invite you to get a first-hand glimpse at the beauty and leisure of Santa Monica. Unlike other Santa Monica hotels, we offer the elegance and comfort that everyone can enjoy as they explore our incredible city. Discover the best of Santa Monica with us at Hotel Carmel.

Santa Monica Pier

When life ends up requiring a constant professional mindset and the stress piles on along with the work filling your day to day schedule, take time and feel like a kid again with a visit to Santa Monica Pier. With unique novelty shops, carnival rides, and an infectious atmosphere of fun and freedom, you will be able to let loose and have a blast. Take a ride on the ferris wheel for unbeatable views over Santa Monica, or hop on a thrilling roller coaster. You can also indulge in fun carnival foods or sit down for a meal in one of the lively eateries available.  

santa monica hotelsDowntown Fun

Staying with us at Hotel Carmel makes it simple to find fun activities and adventures without needing to travel far to get there. If you enjoy shopping and want to get in on the latest California trends, the Santa Monica Place is the perfect stop. You can find everything from name brands to local designers right across the street from our hotel.

One of the main draws to Santa Monica is only a block from our doorstep at the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade. You can find just about anything in these three city blocks of pedestrian-friendly activities, from fine dining to talented street performers bringing bright smiles to passersby. You can find the best nightlife, fantastic cinematic viewings, catch a comedy show, enjoy incredible art, and even make your own artistic creations. There is never a dull moment in Downtown Santa Monica.

Stay Central

Our world-renowned beach city is a hot spot for travelers of all walks, and we cannot wait to open our doors and help you enjoy a memorable getaway. Our central location is only blocks from the beach, pier, and promenade, making it easy for our guests to make their way to all of Santa Monica’s magnificent highlights. When it comes to Santa Monica hotels, our location sets us apart as all of our guests will have comfort and convenience. If you are thinking about visiting Santa Monica hotels, call or visit our website to book your stay at Hotel Carmel and have an unforgettable California experience with us.