hotels in santa monica caWhether you are looking for upscale dining, a quick bite to eat in between shopping, or a convenient dinner nearby your Santa Monica accommodations, Hotel Carmel is in the perfect location to get all of that in one place. When it comes to hotels in Santa Monica CA, you will be only a hop and a skip away from premier shopping, dining, and entertainment. So, relax and take in the best parts of the area without worrying about searching too far for your next mouthwatering meal.

The Perfect Upscale Dining Experience

With the elegance of our beautiful Hotel Carmel and the surrounding atmosphere of Santa Monica, it is hard not to want to get dolled up and hit the town. There are a few upscale dining options that are sure to turn your night into a luxurious evening of wining and dining.

hotels in santa monica caFor beautiful views out over the Santa Monica Pier and exquisite seafood entrees, visit The Lobster. This landmark restaurant is located atop a bluff about Santa Monica Pier and offers a gorgeous vantage point out their glass walls. You can sip on a cocktail, indulge in internationally recognized seafood, and enjoy an afternoon taking in the beauty of Santa Monica.

If Italian is what you crave, sit down for a lovely meal at the quaint bistro Capo. Various art pieces decorate the walls as the dining area is lit by eloquent lighting fixtures to create a tastefully artistic atmosphere. A dinner for two at this vineyard inspired venue will have your taste buds singing “Belle Notte” in no time!

A locally owned dining experience only a few blocks from our beautiful Hotel Carmel bring a unique Santa Monica flare to each dish served. Tar & Roses has a variety of delectable choices and gourmet meals to provide flavors to satisfy any pallet.

hotels in santa monica caSink Your Teeth Into Savory Sushi

If you enjoy a tasty lineup of sushi and the flavors of delicious Asian cuisine, consider the SugarFish. Discover gourmet plated sushi, incredible seafood creations, and classic Asian dishes with a selection of wine, beer, and other beverages to accompany your meal.

Another fantastic place to find the perfect medley of Asian flavors in unique dishes is at the Umami Burger. Though it has “burger” in the name, do not be fooled into thinking this will be your average burger dining experience. You will be able to find the full flavors in several light dishes that are sure to satisfy your hunger and delight your taste buds.  

Staying In For A Meal

When it comes to hotels in Santa Monica CA, there are not many places that offer exquisite accommodations and delicious dining in one place. Here at Hotel Carmel, you do not need to go far for great food while you stay with us. We not only offer cocktails for a beverage or two to unwind at Bar Chloe but also offer great breakfast and lunch options at Interactive Cafe. For special functions, you can reserve our Copa d’Oro for quality beverages and food made with fresh organic produce to entertain your guests. Hotel Carmel stands out among other hotels in Santa Monica, CA with all of the different options we offer for on-site dining as well as premier shopping, dining, and entertainment nearby.