Santa Monica Farmers Market on SaturdayFarmers markets in California are uber popular. With the demand for fresh and organic produce in a healthy lifestyle, it’s no surprise that almost 700 weekly markets take place statewide. However, in Santa Monica alone, an estimated 900,000 shoppers visit the city’s four markets collectively each year. If you truly want to experience California culture during your time at Hotel Carmel, visiting the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Saturday or Wednesday is a good place to start. If you reference this guide, you won’t have to search “farmers markets open on Saturday” or “farmers market near me tomorrow” to prepare for a relaxed morning immersing yourself in California culture. 

The Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market 

The Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market has the most attendees of markets in the city. With humble beginnings in 1981, the event now has celebrity chef sightings regularly. Over 75 farmers set up shop over four blocks, on Arizona Avenue between 4th Street and Ocean Avenue. 

Santa Monica Farmers Markets on Saturdays

If you’re here on the weekend, make an entire morning out of visiting Santa Monica Farmers Markets on Saturdays. The Organic Market, also located on Arizona Avenue between 4th and 2nd Streets, has the largest percentage of organic growers (60 percent of booths only sell organic produce!). So, if you have a passion for natural food, make sure to visit the Organic Market. Plus, you’ll be able to grab pastries and sweets from Valerie Confections, and fresh Asian ingredients like ginger and lemongrass from Thao Farms. 

Another Santa Monica Farmers Market Saturday option is the Santa Monica Pico Farmers Market. Located on Virginia Avenue, you’ll find fresh catches from the Wild Local Seafood booth. Plus, look out for once-monthly preserving classes, so you know how to properly extend the life of your fresh food. 

The Sunday Santa Monica Farmers Market Santa Monica Farmers Market Saturday

Between the California Heritage Museum and the Victorian House is the Sunday Santa Monica Farmers Market. Although it’s the newest addition to the collection of farmers markets in town, it certainly isn’t behind on its variety of vendors: grab an iced coffee to sip on while you browse vendors like floral companies to local farmers. Another bonus? Children will be entertained with kid-friendly live music and face painting. 

Staying at Hotel Carmel 

Finally, one last market to visit during your time at Hotel Carmel is the Santa Monica Antique Market. Located near the airport, you’ll be able to snag vintage, retro, and antique furniture, fabrics, decorations, utensils, lighting, clothing, and even jewelry. If you’re more interested in purchasing something that lasts longer than produce during your time in California, stop by this market on the first and fourth Sundays of the month. 

When you stay at Hotel Carmel, the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Saturday on Arizona Avenue, as well as the Wednesday Market, are the two closest markets to your accommodations. So, you can rely on your own two feet for the entire excursion to and from the hotel. For more information about other things to do near Hotel Carmel, visit our website or give us a call at 800-445-8695.