Santa Monica Guide The city of Santa Monica offers dozens of things to do, whether you’re looking for a night on the town or a family-oriented adventure with your kiddos. Our central location here at Hotel Carmel provides easy access to several popular attractions such as the Santa Monica Beach and shopping destination Santa Monica Place by foot. However, not everything you want to cross off your bucket list during your visit to SoCal is reachable that way. Luckily, the city of Santa Monica provides a few ways to get around without having to rent a car. (Although, there is a parking ramp nearby if you wish.) Here’s our Santa Monica guide to transportation, whether you prefer two wheels, your own two feet, or a train car. 


Thanks to the Breeze Bike Share Program, 500 Santa Monica bike rentals are available in 80 different stations across the city. Use your phone to unlock a bike for only $0.12 a minute after locating the closest one to you from their mobile GPS. A leisurely bike ride down the Santa Monica Bike Path along the beach and near our hotel makes for a perfect way to experience bike riding in Santa Monica. Or, check out this Santa Monica guide to bike trails if you want to try something different. 


As of September 2018, scooters in Santa Monica have been a great way to zip around town—as long as you stay off the sidewalks. Since there are so many existing bike lanes to use, they’re a perfectly safe and efficient way to get around. Scooters in Santa Monica are relatively inexpensive compared to app-based taxi services, and might make a good alternative. For example, Lime scooters have a $1 unlocking fee and a low minute-by-minute fee. Choose from Lime, Bird, Jump, and Lyft brands. Bring along your sense of adventure as you propel yourself down the street. Although it applies to usage everywhere,  check out this video for a Santa Monica guide to using electric scooters.

Light Rail 

If you came to California to experience more than what the city of Santa Monica has to offer, such as visiting the Staples Center or the Hollywood sign, you’re in luck. The Metro Expo Light Rail connects Santa Monica with downtown LA, Pasadena, Long Beach, and more. So, you can take in the whole SoCal experience for just $1.75 one way or $7 for a one-day pass. 

City of Santa Monica 

After a day of exploring, retreat to your private room here at Hotel Carmel. As one of the conveniently-located hotels near Santa Monica Beach, you’re never too far from something spectacular to do. Check out other things to do in our Santa Monica guide, and you’ll be set up for a great getaway.  Contact us at 800-445-8695, or book a room on our website.