With waves crashing below and the roller coaster roaring overhead, you can not help but feel giddy. The same excitement as when you were a small child attending a local carnival comes rushing back. You enter Santa Monica Pier and are instantly submerged in a world of colorful signs, smells of cotton candy and other tasty treats, and smiling visitors of every age. Hotel Carmel is only a block away, so unlike other hotels near Santa Monica, you will be able to spend the entire day at the pier having a blast without worrying about how you are getting there or making time for transportation.

A Bit Of History

The Santa Monica Pier is one of America’s most well known seaside attractions and bears a long history to tell its story. Although the beginning idea of the original “Municipal Pier” was not the prettiest, it was soon to become the first concrete pier in the early 1900’s. The concrete ended up not being able to withstand the weathering effects of the saltwater and was soon switched to the treated wood that we still walk across today.

The Santa Monica community knew the pier as the best fishing spot in Santa Monica Bay and it was even the birthplace of Popeye, which was based off of a very successful fisherman named Olaf C. Olson. It did not take long for the idea of an amusement park on the pier to circulate and become a reality. The pier was widened, and room for the new attractions was added along the south side of the original pier. When the Hippodrome and rides like the historic carousel were installed, the pier became a hub for fun within the Santa Monica neighborhood and filled the area with music and laughter.

An Adventure Everyone Will Love

Today the Santa Monica Pier is an area staple. It has become a place of unadulterated fun. No matter your age, everyone is sure to find something enjoyable. Fishers are still seen casting off the pier while the historic carousel still takes visitors for a round on classically carved horses. Many of the aspects of the pier have held the vintage wonder, but many new updates are made continuously. The amusement park has changed, more eateries have been built, and even an aquarium has made its way to the pier, but it still holds an important place in the hearts of the Santa Monica community. A variety of events draw crowds of all kinds every year and continue to grow the diversity of the area, bringing music lovers, fitness fanatics, artists, thrill seekers, and many others together for an unforgettable time.

Fun Made Easy

When the ocean calls and you set out for Santa Monica for a beach getaway, stay with us at Hotel Carmel. Rather than staying in hotels near Santa Monica, stay with us in the center of the action. You will only be a hop and a skip from Santa Monica Pier so that you can take part in all of the unique fun while you are here. Call or visit our website to book and spend some time at the pier for Californian style fun. Join in the history and incredible experiences of the Santa Monica Pier.