Covered walkway at UCLA, one of the colleges in Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles County has always been full of innovation, and the local colleges in Southern California are at the center of our state’s greatest advancements. That’s why so many people visit their campuses—even when they’re not enrolled students. Whether you’re visiting for a sporting event, a campus tour, freshman orientation, or graduation, you can stay mere blocks from one of California’s best beaches while enjoying proximity to these famous college campuses. Below is Hotel Carmel’s guide to the must-visit landmarks on each campus.

USC Campus Visit

Just 30 minutes from the gorgeous Santa Monica pier is the University of Southern California. There are now more than 20,000 undergraduate students in attendance, but when it opened in 1880, there were only 53 students. There are four places that you have to see during your USC campus visit.

  • The Widney Alumni House was the first campus structure. The original 53 students attended classes in the building.
  • The Trojan Shrine, known as Tommy Trojan, embodies the true spirit of USC’s mascot.
  • The Fisher Museum of Art was the first fine art museum in Los Angeles. It has an incredible 1,800-piece collection.
  • To see the sunny location of USC’s commencement ceremonies, stroll through Alumni Park.

UCLA Campus Visit

The University of California, Los Angeles, is one of the most nationally recognized names among these colleges in Southern California. That might be due to its sheer size, with more than 31,000 undergraduates, and its successful athletics programs. If you’re a sports lover, you’ll want to catch a game during your UCLA campus visit.

Loyola Marymount University Campus Visit

Loyola Marymount University is the most well-known of private universities in Southern California. It’s smaller than the first two schools on our list, with under 7,000 undergraduate students. 

  • The Bluff is a palm tree lined walkway with gorgeous views of both the campus and the city.
  • The Sacred Heart Chapel is an inspiring piece of architecture. You can attend Sunday Mass there during the school year, but it’s worth a visit even if you aren’t Catholic.
  • Laband Art Gallery features some groundbreaking contemporary works of art.
  • Although it’s not technically part of the Loyola Marymount campus, Ballona Discovery Park is a wonderful nearby outdoor space.

Stay near Colleges in Southern California and the OceanSanta Monica Pier near the UCLA campus

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